Navajo Code Talkers Research Paper

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Unknown to many, the Navajo Code Talkers where the military's secret weapon. They fought in World War II mainly against the Japanese. Their efforts were believed to be one of the main reasons the coalition of the US allies won the war. The Navajo tribe was full virtuous people who were willing to risk their lives to fight for their motherland. And after the war the knowledge of what they had done went unknown to most everyone until 23 years after the war when they finally got credit for their honorable efforts. The Navajo Code Talkers had a difficult background, but they helped to ensure the victory of World War II and the code they created has influenced the modern-day military. The Navajo people lived in harmony with the land. They had…show more content…
You would have to start as a baby to fully learn the language and that's why so few non Navajos spoke it. The few Navajos recruited for the test run were given an hour to come up with Navajo words for the several military terms that had no equivalent in their language. The old code that took an hour to transmit and receive the text messages could not compare to the Navajo who only took forty seconds. This convinced the Marines and Major General Vogel to request two hundred Navajo men for the pilot project but only received thirty. After one Navajo dropped out the 29 remaining men became the original Code Talkers. They went through basics as well as perfected the code. By the end of the training the code was undeniable by any Navajo or human other than the Navajo Code Talkers. During many battles the Navajo Code Talkers were a vital key to the success. On the island of Saipan, Code Talkers successfully stop and redirect the American troops who accidentally fired at each other. They would not have to and figured out the terrible fight before it was too late if the code talkers had not been there to confirm their mistake. The lack of code talker's caused them to work around the clock, sending and receiving messages that meant lives so no mistakes could be made. The Navajo code was the only code used during the battle at Iwo Jima, 800 messages were sent and received without a single mistake in two days. Only six Code Talkers were on the island, but without the Code Talkers the Marines would never have taken Iwo Jima. They were efficient, fast, and reliable. Chester Nez recalls his very first message, "I talked while Roy cranked. "Beh-na-ali-tsosie-a-knah-as-donih ah-toh nish-na-jih-goh dah-di-kad-ah-deel-tahi."(enemy machine-gun nest on your right flank.) Suddenly, just after my message was received, the Japanese guns exploded, destroyed by U.S.

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