The Hiding Place Corrie Ten Boom Analysis

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The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom displays God’s love and protection over Corrie and her family. God’s protection and care for Corrie ten Boom is revealed in numerous ways such as protecting her during a bombing, allowing her to see her family while in prison, and soothing her when Betsie died. One way that God’s love and protection for Corrie ten Boom is evident is when he protects her from a shrapnel shard that could have killed her during a bombing. Corrie finds a shrapnel shard on her pillow that could have killed her. She believes that was lucky to have heard Betsie in the kitchen, but Betsie tells her that there are “no places that are safer than other places. The center of His will is our only safety” (ten Boom 67). According to Betsie, it is not that the fact that the dining room is safer than Corrie’s bedroom; it is the fact that they are in the center of God’s will that keeps Corrie safe. God is able to protect Corrie irrespective of where she is. God not only protects Corrie physically but he also protects her emotionally.…show more content…
Throughout Corrie’s time in prison, God helped her along the way and made life a little easier through lieutenant Rahms who gave her a lot of special treatment such as allowing her to see her famiy.. When Cory heard this she was also shocked she thought, “family present…No, don’t let yourself think of it!”(ten Boom 165). This shows that God loves Corrie and cares for her that he was able to bring Lieutenant Rahms into her life and make her life easier. God takes care of his people and uses other people to bless you as

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