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The responsibilities of a coroner often begin at death. Becoming a coroner it takes a certain mentality and personality to do this job. Those who watch CSI or any other shows based on forensic investigation probably think being a coroner is a fascinating job. In some cases it may be true but most coroners may just find it as an everyday job and may find it very disturbing while investigating unusual deaths. Many of the deaths investigated by the coroner's office are routine, often it’s elderly people who die at home, of natural causes (Batko,2011). A coroner is an official who investigates violent or suspicious deaths. A Forensic coroners are medical doctors who perform autopsies. They often assist medical investigations when someone has…show more content…
Just like a law enforcer a coroner is granted powers to enforce certain laws. A law enforcer and a coroner are different during a death scene. A law enforcement officer is more worried whether or not a crime has occurred; while a coroner is worried about if the death is natural or unnatural. Cooperation is what makes law enforcement and coroners related. Cooperation from law enforcement help benefit coroners with resources and proficiency. Just like law enforcement benefit coroners, coroners benefit law enforcers. Law enforcers benefit from coroners because of their expertises in determining someone's…show more content…
Some coroners confirm identify, examine the deceased, disposition of remains, and postmortem responsibilities; while others serve as administrators (Heibutzki, n.d). When confirming identity, they often speak to family members, witnesses, and law enforcement on duty at the scene. After identifying the victim and asking questions, they begin initial investigation. For example, they note if the body is cold or still warm , if there’s any cuts, bruises, etc. After the initial investigation, tasks are finished and disposition of the remains is determined. They then decide if the body can be moved without polluting the scene or ruining other evidence. They secure the body in a clean body bag usually with an envelope type opening. They have the body transported directly from to the scene to the county's morgue to investigate the body to determine the victim's death. If the patient was in good health, without medical assistance in the last thirty-six hours before the death, they indicate the death was unnatural. If the death is considered unnatural, they'll perform an autopsy or

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