Merriweather Lewis: Murders And Conspiracy

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Essay by: Destyne Napier Merriweather Lewis died on the morning of October 11th 1809 at the age 35. Do you think that this situation was murder or suicide? In these circumstances the death of Lewis had to be murder, but not just any kind of murder it was a murder conspiracy. Before his death a formally old friend named James Wilkinson use to be the mayor. One day Thomas Jefferson had a plan, and he decided to expel James Wilkinson of his position as mayor. Then he made the mayor Merriweather Lewis. Jefferson never really had reasoning for making James step down from his position. This made him very angry and possibly have a motive to kill Lewis. Now at the time before his death James Wilkinson was the army general so if he ever wanted to kill Lewis he would have to make someone else to kill him because he would not want to lose his power as general. There is a suspicious part about the autopsy, is that there was only…show more content…
I have a very strong feeling that James Wilkinson is the mastermind behind everything, and he is the leader of this circus, and by making everyone else do his dirty work he does not have to get any blood on his hands. Wilkinson had to have wanted him dead. Lewis denied many of his invitations and took his positon as mayor and never even confronted him about it. He had the power, money, and access to make anyone listen to him and do whatever he wanted them to do to make Lewis disappear. He also probably did not want anyone to read into the fine lines so he could have gave the coroner hush money to bury him immediately or even just threaten him. He had to make someone else kill him and he was probably getting Intel on everything that was happening. I have a feeling that Mr. & Mrs. Grinder had to cover everything up and I think the person who actually killed him was Mr. Grinder and was told to do it by

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