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Jasmine Asberry Mr. Fitzpatrick IB English A 25 September 2014 Rethink It! In Cormac McCarthy's, The Road, a man and his son are trying to survive in an apocalyptic world where they face survival challenges every day. Some of their daily struggles include having to avoid cannibals on the hunt and thieves scavenging around. They also make very quick and rushed decisions. Most of all, one of their greatest struggles is to keep their hope in surviving. In the story, the man and boy approach life threatening challenges in which some of their decisions could’ve been rethought for better outcomes with incidents such as what happened in a house usually occupied by the cannibals and also at a bunker filled with food. The man and boy make a lot of rushed decisions, some to where they never actually cared to make thought. With the fact that they are surviving together, they try to come up with choices together when they can. If the situation seems very serious to the dad, he disregards the child’s opinion. This often occurs as situations get tenser throughout the story. One example of that is when the father had found a bunker and they found almost everything that they possibly needed.…show more content…
The boy states his opinion, “I don’t think we should go up there” (McCarthy 33). The boy sensed that it would be something wrong with going there. This is an example of how the man constantly disregards the boys opinion due to desperation, stating, “We’ve got to find something to eat. We have no choice” (McCarthy 33). In the end of that occurrence, they didn’t really find anything and they were almost caught by cannibals. It would have been a good idea to avoid the home if the man had listened to the boy. Considering that the boy kept repeating that he didn’t want to go should’ve been a sign not to go! Sometimes it is said that children may have better instincts than

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