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Cognitive Science is the interdisciplinary study of concepts and theories related to the fields of psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, computer science, artificial intelligence, linguistics and humanities. A lot of research has been done in the area of machine learning and artificial intelligence which aims to inculcate human thinking, sensing and decisive capabilities into machines. However, such systems lack in various aspects of human behavior and intelligence such as emotions, intuitions, understanding of linguistics and learning acquired from different happenings and incidents occurred in the past. Cognitive science is an emerging field which intends to fill the existing gap in this area to build smarter systems. This paper discusses…show more content…
It includes psychology, linguistics, neuroscience, philosophy, sociology in addition to artificial intelligence, neural networks and expert systems. Psychologists advocate that mental state of a person can be understood by his behavioral characteristics. Linguists deals with language processing (i.e. to learn and understand the context of language) in order to obtain useful information. Neuroscience is a field that studies the biological aspects of human brain. Philosophy[1] contributes to cognitive science by answering generic queries in scientific investigations and by suggesting how brain needs to work. Sociologists believe that the cause of a particular is mostly the outside world. It means outside social factors are responsible and they affect the decision-making…show more content…
Since computational models study intrinsic and finer details of brain functions, they provide precision as well as clarity. Computational model [4] can be further classified as- Quantitative (working with numerical and precise data), Qualitative (working with non-numerical and relative aspects of information). Different theories are related to computational model (Sun 2005) which are discussed as follows. 2.1.1 Product theory- Product theories are also known as “black box theories” [4] and they check the accountability of processes based on the output achieved in respect with the input requirements as suggested earlier. Product theory doesn’t go into the intrinsic details of processes and mechanisms; instead it is concerned with what input is to be provided to a process and what output (product) is achieved. 2.1.2 Process theory- Process theory [4] tries to relate and understand the complexity and diversity of processes. It is also known as “white box theory”. It inspects the inner logic and detail of components of the processes. Each process makes a discrete and random selection of parameters from the available options, depending upon a scenario and performs various computations to achieve a desired

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