Conservative View On Sexual Activities

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Section One The conservative view is extremely constricted in regards to sexual activities, as it is confined to legitimate marriages and is believed to be only for the purpose of procreation. The guidelines that coincide with the conservative view are too strict and will create sexual repression and urges that will eventually be acted upon. Sexual activities have always been an act of pleasure for human beings; procreation can just be a result of these activities. This view creates an unrealistic expectation of sexual urges and will result in individuals feeling hatred towards themselves for wanted to do oral/anal sex, masturbate or have sex for pleasure. Sex is a part of intimacy within a relationship that partners can enjoy with one another. Procreation as the only use of sex is common in animals, but not humans. Restricting people from having sex with a partner that they are committed to is unacceptable. Individuals should have the freedom to perform all types of sexual activities without having to create offspring as a result. Individuals may have different preferences in regards to types of sexual activities but they should have a choice instead of being restricted to not being allowed to…show more content…
Homosexual couples are unable to have sex for the purposes of pro-creation; it is impossible for homosexual couples to procreate. Homosexuality is deemed acceptable in today’s society but they are unable to have sexual intercourse, even if they are in a legitimate marriage, because they cannot procreate as a result. In addition, individuals are not able to have pre-marital sex but in the conservative view being sexually attracted or compatible does not seem to matter due to the fact that no pleasure is involved. The conservative view is extremely limited and does not allow individuals to have sexual freedom in relationships, whether in a legitimate marriage or

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