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Bill O'Reilly is a news anchor for Fox News. He is know for his honesty and conservative views. Bill O'Reilly is the type of person that you either love or hate. This book covers the good, the bad, and the completely ridiculous in American life. In my views this book shows how corrupted America is, and how well sculpted America is. This book covers anywhere from sex to drugs to even friendships and dating. The fact that this does cover such a wide range of things makes it a great book. In chapter one ( The Class pg 4 ) of the book, Bill says " a mind is a terrible thing to waste if you are held back by race or gender. It is just as wasteful when you're held back by class. " When he says this he means that people are so held…show more content…
He also means that race has played a part in everything lately. Black people in general make everything about their color when most of the time their color has nothing to do with it. He also says " if God had a sense of humor, they would be sharing a sauna with one thermostat. " ( pg 5 ). In this case, " they " means whites and blacks. In chapter 3 ( Sex Factor ) Bill says " it's time that people keep their sexual activities in the bedrooms and hot tubs where the belong, or in the case of Pamela Anderson, on the Internet. " ( page 26 ). By this you can see that he has a very good sense of humor yet a very firm judgement as to where sex should be. He does not agree with PDA and pornographic films. As you can tell by these comments, Bill O'Reilly has a very keen old fashioned style of thinking. In chapter 2 ( Money Factor ), Bill O'Reilly makes the comment " the true heroes of America are not the new internet billionaires or the over- payed sports stars. The true heroes are the men, woman and teenagers who go to work for a modest wage, fulfills their responsibilities and are kind and generous to others. " ( pg 14 ) Clearly he does

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