Confederate Turning Point

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Thesis: The Union army could have lost major battles, like Vicksburg or Gettysburg, which would turned the war in the favor of the Confederates. The Confederate States of America would have fell in due time and the rest of the U.S. would continue to prosper, but would still have negative feelings towards the South. First and foremost, I feel as if the Emancipation Proclamation was major turning point for the war so if that was not delivered by President Lincoln, the North would have had a completely different mindset. Prior to the announcement, Northern soldiers were fighting the war because they wanted the adventure or it was just the right thing to do. Now, the Union men fought for a morale reason -- to emancipate the slaves -- and the…show more content…
The Confederacy would fail because giving states all of the power is not effective, as shown by the Articles of Confederacy that formed almost a century prior. I think the Confederate States of America would have failed as a government and country because they lacked the industrialization and education that the Union offered. The Confederates provincial views could not have kept up with the advancement of machinery and industry because they only relied on their “king cotton”. I also imagine the Confederacy would wither because their main trade partner, England, already found a better supplier in Egypt and India during the Civil War; therefore, their economy would cripple and the country would soon follow. History repeats itself and the new country would not be able to fight anymore battles since they lost a good portion of their population already, and many states did not have to pay taxes if the government imposed them. Nextly, the South already had high illiteracy rates which means that the majority of the population did not care for education and they were content with living a life filled with agriculture. I strongly believe that agriculture is a poor center of an economy because the Confederates could hardly turn their raw materials to finished goods since they looked to the North and England to
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