Book Review: Awkward By Marni Bates

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Maria Benny A Block 10/8/2015 The novel Awkward by Marni Bates took place at Smith High School. Mackenzie was the main character, and she was 17 years old. She was attending Smith High School with her friends Jane, Corey and Logan. Dylan was Mackenzie's brother. Chelsea was the most popular girl in the school. The story starts off when Mackenzie was talking to Chelsea about her homework and, she bumped into Logan. He fell down, and she attempted CPR. Patrick was recording her while she was attempting CPR and the video went viral. She got popular after 4 million hits. She got calls from Ellen, and Tyra Banks. She got famous and designers gave her free clothing. At the end of the story, she falls in love with Logan after tutoring him. The…show more content…
She was a blond haired girl who thought she was awkward and weird because of the viral video that featured her. She was officially named America’s most “Awkward Girl.” Antagonist was Patrick because he recorded a video of Mackenzie trying to attempt CPR. He also posted the video online to youtube, and it got 4 million hits. Jane Smith was Mackenzie’s best friend since elementary school. She has stood by her all throughout her life. She was the only person who got to call her Mack. Corey had been Jane’s and Mackenzie’s mutual best friend since 6th grade. Ever since he told them he was interested in…show more content…
Throughout the novel friendship is the main part of the story. Friends stick together by your side. During Mackenzie’s life, her two best friends Jane and Corey would help her tutor Logan who apparently was a notable. Jane and Corey helped Mackenzie when she was is a bad mood. She said “Ashton Kutcher did what? He wrote comments about me?”(pg. 44) When she was in Los Angeles, she was sitting lonely at a table. She missed her friends. She said “ I pictured Jane and Corey eating lunch together with other new freshman girls in my absence.”(pg. 228) Friendship in my life is a huge deal. Wherever I look, I can see friendship. Some friends come into your life for a reason; others come only for a season. An example in my life was when I was failing a class, but my friend Sarah helped me understand that I could do better in the next term. She helped me study really hard. She wouldn’t leave me alone until I got that A. I was very proud of myself. I was so happy that my friend Sarah helped me study. I thanked her so much for pushing me. I got the grade I deserved and I was happy. Sarah was happy for me

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