Battle Of Bull Run Essay

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The first battle of bull run is considered to be the singular starting point that laid the foundation for the entire civil war. The battle would inevitably shape the entire war in one single day. The battle was fought on 21 July 1861 near Bull Run Creek in Manassas, VA. The battle of Bull run was a result of the skirmish at Fort Sumter which was the ignition that began the civil war. The battle of bull run is the "big bang" of the civil war. Strategies, technologies, and the first extended draft all were a result of this battle. As the dust settled on the attack on Fort Sumter, which had just taken place a few short months ago. President Lincoln made a cry to the nation for 75,000 men to volunteer to help suppress the rebellion. Many of these men volunteered for what at the time was a common 90 day Army volunteer. During this time, it was assumed this would be a quick uprising that would be easily…show more content…
The confederate armies defended a 6 mile stretch of land protecting the roads, rail ways and small river known as bull run that led directly to Richmond. The confederate armies stationed in the Shenandoah valley had also began to move south east to reinforce General Beauregard at bull run. As General Beauregard's troops moved south the quickly realized that the railways they were traveling would lead them directly into the heart of the battle. The Confederate men were quickly ordered to take the train and be transported to the battle. This was the first time in history troops were transported to battle by train way. The news of the first major battle quickly spread throughout the surrounding towns. Businessmen, farmers, and politicians quickly surrounded the hills in the valley to watch and pick nick, what many thought would be a quick decisive action ending the

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