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Likely the most well-known battle of the Civil War took place at Gettysburg, PA. from July 1-3, 1863. At the end of the battle, the Union’s Army of the Potomac had successfully fought off the second invasion by the Confederacy’s Army of Northern Virginia. Several months later, President Abraham Lincoln traveled to Gettysburg to deliver a speech at the dedication of the cemetery for the fallen Union soldiers. Speaking of the “new birth of freedom,” he delivered one of the most famous speeches in U.S. history, The Gettysburg Address. Not much fighting took place on the first day of the “Battle of Gettysburg” Although its entire army had not yet arrived, it seemed that the Confederacy had the upper hand because they had twice as…show more content…
The fight went on for six hours until the Confederates were finally driven back. Shortly after that while General Lee was preparing for his large frontal assault on Cemetery hill, there was an encounter between the Union and Confederate cavalries near the Round Tops. The Union won this small battle stopping the Confederate army from breaking through the line. The Confederates then positioned themselves in the woods across from the center of the Union line for a charge. At about 1:00 P.M they began bombarding the Union center with shells from their artillery. “Then, 15,000 brave Confederates marched one mile in an open field to reach the Union line and try to break though” ( This charge known as “Pickett’s Charge” probably lost the battle for the Confederates due to sustained heavy casualties. Severely weakened by artillery during their approach, formations desperately tangled, short on reinforcements, and under brutal attack from three sides, the Confederates retreated. They left behind 19 battle flags and hundreds of prisoners. In a little under an hour, 10,000 men in the assault had become casualties. In the end, this disaster claimed many lives and thousands more lay wounded on the battlefield. This battle was the major turning point in the war for the Union. Before this battle the Confederates were winning the war. If it were not for the mistakes committed by General Lee, the Confederate army may have won. His defeat was caused by overconfidence in his troops, Ewell’s inability to fill the boots of General “Stonewall” Jackson, and inaccurate reconnaissance. After the Union victory at Gettysburg the Union began an offensive that lead them to winning the

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