Is America Is A Democracy

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Some believe there is an exact definition to political correctness, while others seems to have a very laid back view on it. Those people think have they have right to believe in whatever they want. America is a democracy, and according the the 1st amendment you have to right to have your own beliefs. In our day of age the word “political correctness” has a very negative connotation. While this is true to a certain extent, some political beliefs have to be considered as incorrect in order for the equality of everyone, and the preservation of democracy. Throughout time certain groups of people have been harassed and excluded from having full rights. This happens time after time and will most likely continue to happen due to the fact the history simply repeats its self. You can look at problems with citizen rights all the way back to the time where Alexander the Great conquered the…show more content…
Winston Churchill once stated “It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others have been tried.” What Winston means by this is that democracy may have its problems like other government systems, but all the other systems don’t work as well. Freedom for the people to express their views is essential for a government that succeeds. When your views on government strip the people of having freedom, you are politically incorrect. Although many of the other forms of government were made and had good intentions, they didn’t work if they limited the people. How is a government going to work when the majority can’t express their problems? The living standards are good in the united states because people can vote for officails who offer better ways of doing things. China may have the second highest GDP but what does that matter when the people are unhappy with the way they live, or the dangerous environment problems they
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