Concussions In Football

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Harvey 1 Kenny Harvey Mr. Karwatsky Freshman Seminar, Per.1 9 January 2014 How safe is football? That is a question that many have been debating for years. Overall, I believe that football is safe to play. It seems that, in today society, there is an overwhelming in the game. Grandmothers, grandfathers, adults, kids, aunts and uncles are all interested in the game of football. I, like a lot of other people I know, am also very interested in the game. Due to medical reasons, I am unable to play the game. I try to stay close to the game in other ways. I am currently the manager of the Frazier Commodores and watch it every Sunday with my family. With all the changes in the game, I feel that it is safer to play now than it ever was.…show more content…
A concussion is a head injury that can change how the brain normally works (“Football Players Drill Without Helmets To Reduce Concussions”). They have been given a lot of attention lately. Players can suffer from the long term effects of a concussion. Years after the athlete has finished his football career, the effects can still linger and them for the rest of their lives (“Football Players Drill Without Helmets To Reduce Concussions”) . It is very important that concussions are recognized early and dealt with correctly. Education and prevention go together. Technology is so advanced that they have developed system tests that improve visual and motor reaction times, symmetry, speed, functional peripheral vision, and concentration. They are trying to make athletes that think and perform more quickly(Frederick 21). To reduce injuries, an athlete must be physically fit. This means that they should participate in strength and overall conditioning. A more conditioned body will be better equipped to handle the physical demands that contact football places on them (“Hydration, Conditioning&…show more content…
Huge penalties are assessed when a player makes contact with the top of the top of his helmet (Konermann). This has decreased the amount of spinal cord injuries that were much more prominent in the 1970’s (Konermann). Rules are put into place to create a safer environment. They’re continuously assessed by governing bodies to see if more changes need to be authorized. Some say that the players themselves have changed and that this makes the sport of football still too dangerous to play (Konermann). The players are bigger, stronger, faster and much more aggressive. When players like these collide at top rates of speed, injuries are more likely to occur (Konermann). Injuries still occur in football today. Although it is the nature of the sport, some still consider it the main reason that it is too risky to play (Konermann). Some of these injuries are catastrophic in nature (Konermann). Athletes deal with injuries for the rest of their lives. Some think that is a price that is too high to pay. The word football makes people cringe. It is the most popular sport in America. Football also contains the most contact of all sports (Konermann). The players are big and aggressive. Injuries do occur. Some will always think it is too dangerous to play even with the conscious improvements in the sport

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