The Concussion Epidemic: American Football

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The Concussion Epidemic: American Football Imagine you are the running back for the Atlanta falcons, and you take the hand-off from the Matt Ryan. Right as Matt Ryan hands you the ball, an unblocked defender slams you to the ground causing your head to bounce against the turf. The next thing you remember is waking up while doctors are looking over you in the hospital. They tell you that you have a concussion. This is a problem that many football players have or will experience in their career. Football is one of the country’s most favorite pastimes, but it is also one of the most dangerous. The concussion Epidemic is referred to as the history of concussion injuries in the past 50 years of American football. Football has the most…show more content…
“Removing the helmet may prompt some football players to better protect their heads, but experts argue that it would simply replace the concussion epidemic with a much deadlier trend” (Grush). Playing football without helmets would defiantly decrease the impact and force in which players would hit each other, but it would cause more traumatic injuries such as deaths. A solution may be the Guardian Cap. “The Guardian Cap design consists of 37 foam pockets, which each dissipate force individually” (Grush). The Guardian Cap is the solution to successfully impact, and resolve the issue of concussions in football. This is a one size fits all helmet cover that is meant to be worn on any current football helmet. This Guardian Cap was created by Lee Hanson. “We’ve come up with this concept of a soft-hard-soft helmet,” said Lee Hanson. Hanson said, “In addition to being soft, it reduces linear impact and also reduces transverse impact… We’ve also decoupled the padding on the outside, so if you get hit, the padding moves with the force. Your head stays straight and your helmet moves.” I believe that if the NFL, NCAA, and high school football organization were to enforce and require players to wear the Guardian Cap. It would significantly reduce the percentage of concussions each year and produce a future impact in Football

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