Football Concussions Research Paper

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Miguel camarena P.2 Concussions Players know the risk and choose to continue playing the game. In the article five diagnosing and treating sports-Related concussion “it says that athletes who experience concussions sometimes fail to report their symptoms to avoid losing playing time.” Concussions that are unrecognized or and mismanage and put the athletes at considerable risk of potentially catastrophic sequence from a injury. Players are always aware about football and all that comes with it , Its a dangerous game to play. Recent players that have a concussion and fail to report it , are in a long time risk of injuries. The players who fail to report their symptoms, They are afraid to report because of losing playing time or even losing…show more content…
First brain injuries often led to suicide . Then most importantly, players are playing with concussions are in risk of brain injuries. I think that football concussions are bad because the players have gotten really hurt from it. Most of the players have been playing forever so they might have been playing with concussions their whole life. It was said to be that when you take a blow to the head Its like getting hit by the sledgehammer. you may be depressed or not really know what you are doing. The nfl has had a problem regarding a long term damage of repeated concussions. NFL finally acknowledged that several of its ex players were suffering from chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Then frequently have to worry about at least doing five years in the league for the NFL to pay the players money. Chronic traumatic encephalopathy what it also does is they examine the brain and they see the results. By this they found out about the disease. CTE occurs when you get repetitive head trauma starts to produces abnormal proteins these are found in the brain also known as “tau”. its proteins work to essentially from tangle round the brain blood vessels, interrupting normal functioning and eventually killing the brain cells and also nerves. The patients with the less advanced forms of the disease can suffer from mood changes like depressions and rage. Those players with more severe cases can experiences confusions ,memory loss may

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