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This case study is focused on the central U.S. clinic in the United States which offers services to a 300-bed tertiary hospital and encountered a bit of a struggle after the purchase of an electron-beamed computed tomography (EBCT) with the fundamental purpose of screening an asymptomatic high risk cardiac patients. In order to prepare for the introduction of the EBCT, multiple training sessions were organized and conducted for all staff to ensure that individuals had experience with patient preparation methods and were knowledgeable with regards to proper use of the valuable machinery. In addition to the training procedures, the joint association with the hospital and clinic planned to run a pilot program on local volunteers and despite the effort put into trying to increase the reputation of this test, there was still limited use of the procedure post-pilot program efforts. The study places emphasis on the evaluation of the sensitivity, specificity and predictive values of using EBCT along with assessing screening ability and healthcare planning challenges associated with the introduction of this new technology in the health care sector (Fleming, 2008). Coronary Heart Disease Overview The disease of interest in this case study is coronary heart disease which is one of the most prevalent types of cardiovascular disorders…show more content…
When there was a comparison to ICUS, EBCT noted an overall sensitivity of 66%, a specificity of 88% and an overall accuracy of 81% (Baumgart, 1997) and with regards to plaques with and without signs of calcifications, the sensitivity of the procedure yield 97% and 47%, specificity 80% and 75% and the overall accuracy 82% and 69% respectively (Baumgart,

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