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The Archduke’s Assassination The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand was a job done by supporters of the Black Hand. It was caused by Serbia’s push for power. At the time Serbia had grown twice its size and gained over a million more citizens. This was a problem for surrounding countries like Austria-Hungry. The assassination was not an act of the government, but by terrorist groups that were controlling the country more than what people thought they were. Terrorists murdered Ferdinand; so what did they have against the peaceful Archduke, why did they kill him? It was Sunday, July 28, 1914 when Gavrilo Princip in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia, assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary and his wife Sophie. Trifko Grabež, Nedeljko Čabrinović and Gavrilo Princip were all members of the revolutionary organization, Mlada Bosna (Young Bosnia). The assassins were working together with a big Serbian terrorist group called the…show more content…
The first attempt was by Čabrinović who threw a bomb at the car they were riding in but it had bounced off the side and blew up near a crowd of civilians behind the targets. Čabrinović attempted suicide with cyanide but failed and was arrested. By this time it was advised that the couple should cancel the remaining events of the day and get to a safe location. The Archduke insisted that he see Merizzi and so it was agreed that they would take a detour. A miscommunication between the drivers of the multiple cars lead to one single car taking the detoured route where Gavrilo Princip unexpectedly was there. Surprised with the turn of events, Princip shot the couple and attempted suicide with cyanide. His attempt failed and he was arrested as well. The death of Archduke Franz Ferdinand sparked a war between Austria-Hungary and Serbia eventually causing the First World

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