Kimwa Corporation Case Study

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it is more relevant to programmed decisions because your decision is already clear that you already know what to do about it. For Kimwa Corporation, Daft (2010) each employee and executive in the corporation has the mentality of straight forward thinking because they are being taught on how to make programmed decisions. Your decisions are clear that you could present a visual presentation to your presentation and many more techniques to make the presentation interesting and smart at the same time (p.213). The possibility of failure in this situation is unsure because of the decisions that we make. In a highly ambiguous situation, Unprogrammed decisions are more relevant because ambiguity means that your decision is not clear to your goals and…show more content…
The Company head and executives are to make the decisions for the organization’s interests. The company could not establish the administrative model because the company’s employees are not trained and equipped in doing non-programmed decisions but they are trained and equipped in doing programmed decisions. Kimwa Construction and Development Corporation has two ways in figuring out the classical model. First is the decision maker should have the mindset in reaching his/her own goal. They are to operate the goals being discussed by the company that are being agreed on. Second is the decision maker should be sure of what he/she is doing and knows the possible outcome of the decision made that would maximize its full extent of the organizational goal. If a situation occurs when they are not familiar of, the executives and managers in the company make their decisions by opting for the first solution that will appear as a solution to the given problem. They are to satisfice because they do not have the time to process the information about these kinds of decisions that they are not familiar of, that is why they simply must be ready to any situation they may face in the future just in case it will happen to…show more content…
The political model relies on the different factors in the organization. First, organizations are made up of groups of managers that disagree about problem priorities. Second, Daft (2010) noted that “information is ambiguous and incomplete” (p.221). Third, managers do not have the time, resources, and the capacity to solve all the problems and process all relevant information. Fourth, Daft (2010) explained that managers engage in debates to decide goals and discuss alternatives (p.221). The company does not apply the political model because the Political model is the decision type of model which is useful for non-programmed decisions and Kimwa Construction and Development Corporation does not do non-programmed decisions. Standard Operating Procedure is good only at the beginning because it becomes a loss of deviation that they have the program. They always conduct a meeting and have preventive measures but they still deviate because of the problem of

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