Leaking Faucet Lab Report

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—Leaking Faucet 2. Problem Statement Water leaking in faucet could wast lot of resources, it could leak easy when the lid is not strong enough, or the water pressure is not stable. So we were needed to find out how much the lid were effecting the faucet from leaking. 3. Hypothesis We predict that if the radius if the faucet increase, the amount of water were leaking will decrease. 50ml pre minute is our prediction for the amount of water leaking in one minute. Also when the water pressure decrease, the leaking water will decrease. 4. Variables 5. Materials A leaking faucet Two dry container(With label ml) One small ruler One data table One stop-watch 6. Procedure Set up the materials Measure the faucet’s diameter and radius Put a clean container below the faucet Turn on the faucet and turn it to…show more content…
What can this amount of water be compared to? If the water were leaked at the same rate of our’s, for one month which is 30 days so we were needed to multiply 1 minute to 60, 1x60 which is 32mlx60=1920ml. Then we have to multiply 24 hours to 1920ml, so that we can get how much water was wasted is one day 24hours x 1920ml = 46080ml. and now we just have to multiply 46080ml to 30days, 46080ml x 30days = 13,832,400ml. (1L = 1000ml) If we change ml to L the wasted water in one month will be 13,832.4L. One L of water is equal to one Kg, and 1000kg equal to one ton, so the total wast of leaking faucet is 13.8 ton. Which is almost enough for filling 40 tubs, which is enough for shower 40 — 50 time. C.What would be the cost of the wasted water by such a leaking faucet in one month? One ton of water in shenzhen is 5.5RMB, so we can get the answer by multiply 5.5 to 13.8 the answer will be 75.9RMB. The total cost of wast of water in one month will be 75.9RMB. 9. Conclusion A.Was your prediction reasonable? Did it make sense? What factor(s) caused your estimate and results to be

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