Competition In The Automobile Industry

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In automobile industry a company has to constantly expect fast transformations and be able to face them. This can be done by focusing, variability, and being resilient and responsive. Being able to copy with the ever changing environment is now a business necessity. To become adaptable companies require the following behaviors responsive, variable and resilient. Competition in the Industry. Toyota was successful because it targeted lower middle class customers, those who could not afford the expensive big cars Detroit made. Their success was a result of "a significant cost advantage over its American competitors". Detroit car makers did not manage change and they lost market shares resulting in 30 percent sales of Japanese cars in America.…show more content…
Emissions. Automobiles emit so many harmful products into the atmosphere and water. There have been so many attempts to improve automobiles and reduce pollution but cars still release polluting agents. However there has been less pollution and they are still developing more products and ideas that can reduce pollution. The auto industry is responsible for air and water pollution. Some of the products released being carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, sulphur oxide into the atmosphere and sulphates, suspended matter, and chloride into the water among other many harmful products. The harmfulness depending on the type of fuel used. The United States government established a strong emission standards for Industry and automobiles. The clean Air Act of 1970, the act got revised in 1977 and 1990. The clean water act was established in 1972. Demographics One in six businesses depend on the manufacture, distribution, servicing or the use of motor vehicles, sales and receipts of automotive businesses represent more than one fifth of the country's wholesale business and more than one fourth of its retail trade. Automotive manufactures, supplier and manufacturers, suppliers and dealers pay $500 billion in…show more content…
Advanced software is helping manufacturers do things humans would not think of especially in designing. Economic. Auto industry is one of the most important industries in USA. It has contributed 3-3.5 percent to the overall GDP. It directly employ 1.7 million in designing, engineering, manufacturing and supplying parts. The industry hugely uses goods and services from other sectors such as raw material, construction, machinery, legal, computers, financial, advertising, health care, and semiconductors. Consumer opinion. The improvements in the automobile industry are mainly because of consumers who complains about the levels of pollution or the quality of models. Consumer opinion has resulted in better gear system, better models and less pollution. BIZ 360 carried a research from October 31, 2007 to November 1, 2008. The results were that consumers were most likely to comment attribute and features. "Four key product attributes accounted for more than 75 percent of all online consumer opinions: performance, comfort, exterior styling, and general opinions. Ford and Chevy had higher rankings on more key automotive product attributes than Honda and

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