Bulk Sms In Automobile Industry Case Study

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What is use of SMS Marketing in automobile industry? In recent times, Automobile Industries have received a lot of hype and competition in their market. With increasing competition and investment in new brands in India, a lot of companies are using a variety of marketing methods to enhance their sale and goodwill in the market. It’s surprising to see that in these times of hike in petrol and diesel prices, people haven’t stopped buying new cars and in fact, the number of cars sold every day is on a significant rise. Enhance your market value with us in this competitive environment with us by using our Bulk SMS For Automobile Industry. Leading organization of Bulk SMS service provider in the realm of Bulk SMS Over the years the company has consolidated…show more content…
Build a digital marketing garage with us by sending promotional flyers, including glitzy images of a brand new car launch and automated alerts via our Bulk Messaging Service! Let us remind your customers of the post-purchase service of their vehicle and manage everything from new car launches to test drives using NLET’s Bulk SMS service. Stop depending on call centers and phone service assistance. You can use your own words to customise your message and give it that personal touch you…show more content…
What are the ways to handle post sale activities in Bulk SMS marketing ? Vehicle service reminders Service confirmation alerts Driving tips Insurance and RTO reminders Festival & other greeting messages Vehicle maintenance/security tips Is there any examples available in automobile industry using Bulk SMS marketing ? 1. Dear Sir/Madam, Your Honda 2-wheeler is due for service on 20-Dec-2014. Please bring your vehicle for service. Thank you, ABCD Motors, Bangalore. 2. Dear Sir/Madam, Your Suzuki 2-wheeler insurance expires on 20-Dec-2014. Please visit our showroom for the renewal. Thank you, ABCD Motors, Bangalore. A two-way/pull sms provides customers all the related data which they are in need of. Few usages are listed below. Customer can book their test drives. Customer can get specific product/brand details like price, technology, finance option, etc. Customer can find the nearest service station. Customer can know about the ongoing offers. Using this 2-way messaging service customers can directly get connected with their service provider and can easily fetch the data in no time. This feature will keep customers updated and satisfies them. What all can be achieved in automobile industry using

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