Comparison Between John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Of Mice and Men is a film that underscores the challenges in achieving the American Dream. The film alluded to the challenges many Americans faced after the Great Depression. Some of them possessed dreams of owning a business, car, some sort of stable financial job, wealth, but realized that dream only existed in the mind. In this film, the two characters George and Lennie dreamt about owning a farm with many different livestock. They wanted to be their own boss. However, during the film, the audience witnesses the many challenges George and Lennie faced, thus leading them to become symbolic characters that represented the hardships of Americans at that time. The ending scene is a significant scene in the movie because the death of Lennie symbolized…show more content…
The lack of blatant transitions complements the urgency the actors portrayed in the film. Curley, at this point, is hunting Lennie with a few men to kill him. In the next scene, George discusses his plan with a friend. He plans on killing Lennie so that he would not have to suffer in the hands of Curley and the men following him to kill Lennie. The next scene is ushered in with no blatant transitions, again accurately complementing the immediacy in George to find Lennie. The camera does a wide-angle shot to show panic in searching for Lennie. Another cinematic technique is used, which is perspective, as George is entering through a different location to search for Lennie. This can successfully instill anxiety, panic, and confusion as the audience asks themselves where is Lennie. The music is still an ominous tone indicating that something sorrowful will follow this scene. Lennie now enters the scene and there is a medium close up between George and Lennie as George prepares to kill him. A medium close up is used here, as it is an intimate, powerful scene as George gives Lennie false hope that they will achieve the dream of owning a farm. This is done before George kills

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