Beer's Budweiser Vs. Coca-Cola

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Beer is the oldest and the most consumed alcoholic beverage in the world. Everybody drinks beer; in some countries beer is not considered as an alcoholic beverage but as a basic food. Beer is also the major player on the alcohol advertising field, with the most cultural acceptance; it can be compared to Coca-Cola in the soft drinks market. This is a rough comparison, because beer is a product and Coca-Cola is a brand. From an advertising standpoint, it’s very easy to promote beer and it’s really difficult to promote a beer, there are two points of view and I will elaborate why. The beer consumption is overwhelmingly male-dominated. According to the Brewer’s Handbook, 80% of the beer drinkers are men. This fact makes things pretty easy for the…show more content…
This makes difficult to the advertiser to create a unique, original and distinctive visual identity for the beer brand. Statistics show that leading brewery companies spend more than $500 million on media advertising, as for the fast-growing beer brands; marketing has a major impact on the market demand. Global leading brewing companies are “Anheuser-Busch InBev” with the big beer brand “Budweiser” and “Heineken International” with the leading beer “Heineken”. In this paper, beside the brief focus on the beer in advertising, I am going to do a rhetorical analysis on the newest commercials of these two leading beer brands. Anheuser-Busch InBev' – Budweiser ‘Lost Dog’ Anheuser-Busch InBev' is the largest brewing company in the world, and one of the main drivers of this leading company’s success is the ingénue and impeccable marketing. The big brand of Anheuser-Busch InBev’ is Budweiser, a label that is an epitome of quality beer advertising, and almost exclusive winner of every Super Bowl, because Budweiser just knows how to use the appeals of pathos, ethos…show more content…
For instance, the new Heinken campaign is a part of the global integrated campaign coinciding with the impending release of new Bond film Spectre. Heineken has unveiled a new TV spot “The Chase” which features Daniel Craig as James Bond in a high-speed boat chase. In addition, the brand also announced an exciting digital campaign featuring the world’s first ever selfie from space, dubbed “the Spyfie.” The commercial begins with a beautiful shot of the Lake Como in Italy. The next scene shows a typical Italian alley and James Bond being chased by the bad guys. He gets in a speed boat and when he starts the engine, the speed boat pulls a young woman on a ski boat who becomes embroiled in the speedboat chase.From this point on, the focus is on the young woman who gets in the middle of the chase. She is attached to the boat of James Bond . The speedboat makes a turn, and the woman gets on a beach when she goes further to the middle of a wedding ceremony, she goes through the ceremony, accidently grabs the flowers of the bride and the top hat of the groom. She throws back the flowers and she gets near to an open bar where she gets a tray with four Heinekns on her hands. Then she is

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