Comparison Of Characters In Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird

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The best books are often the ones that make you completely forget that they’re a book at all. Truly stellar fiction is capable of transporting you into a completely new and immersive world, with believable characters and complex settings. In Harper Lee’s novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, she creates characters with such rich personalities that you begin to care for them as if they were real people. One of my favorite characters in the book is Mayella Ewell, the helpless woman who claims to have been raped by Tom Robinson. While reading the novel, I noticed a few uncanny similarities between Mayella’s personality and my cat, Pooh. By the end of the chapter, I almost began to picture a cat in the witness chair instead of Mayella. My cat Pooh and Mayella Ewell have a very similar personality but have a drastically different relationship with their families.…show more content…
This attitude is an attempt to gain the sympathy of the jury and subsequently convict Tom. In reality, Mayella was never raped and resorted to deceitful tactics to convince the jury into siding with her. In the words of Mayella, “if you fine fancy gentlemen don't wanta do nothin' about it then you're all yellow stinkin' cowards.” She used her status as a poor southern woman to appeal to the jury’s chivalrous duty This display of manipulation was a major factor in the court’s verdict and is a fascinating insight into Mayella’s

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