Edith Hahn Beer

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“That’s all it takes you see… a moment of kindness. Someone who is sweet and understanding, who seems to be sent there like an angel on the road to get you through the nightmare.” Unlike many holocaust survivor stories, this particular one is a love story in the middle of nightmare. The Nazi Officer's Wife is a non-fiction story written by Edith Hahn Beer, the main character in the book. The story starts in Edith’s childhood as she starts to realize that jews were not the same as other religions. She then saves her life when she takes another identity as Christina Margarethe Denner. The Nazi officer’s wife, written by Edith Hahn Beer is a true and inspirational story of how one woman survived the Holocaust. This story is one of the…show more content…
Edith did what was necessary in order to survive. She would be described as someone lionhearted, courageous, and indomitable. Edith was an extremely smart person, she was one of the few women that went to highschool. Going to highschool as a woman was something out of the ordinary. Edith even went to university to which she studied and was about to become a doctor of the law, until her doctorate test was cancelled. Edith, along her mother were sent to the ghetto in Vienna, Germany. They were then separated in 1941, when she was sent to a plantation where they grew asparagus in Osterburg. After being in the Osterburg plantation, she then was sent to box factory Cintron 2 in Aschersleben, Germany. Two weeks before she returned to Vienna, her mother was deported to Poland, Germany. She arrived to Vienna with duplicate copies of her Christian friend’s identity and once again, moved to Munich. There she met Nazi member Werner Vetter who she married and had a daughter, Angela. During all of these events, Edith kept every single document that ever passed on her hands, that’s partly what made Edith

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