Examples Of Individualism In The Crucible

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We all appear as individuals on the surface, our appearance and personality differing from peer to peer. But just as the saying goes, not everything is as it seems. Once you explore deep below the surface, are people honestly expressing their individualism? While it may seem to some that people desire to be seen as individuals, it is actually true that the pressure from society prevents that kindling desire. It may be that there is truly at least a bit of individuality in us all, however it has been witnessed time and time again that it is natural to drift towards conformity. When faced with the idea of discrimination, bullying, and unfair treatment, people avoid this because it is the natural reaction of mankind. For example, many see Abigail, a character from The Crucible, as an individual, but in reality she is truly a conformist herself. She is a young orphaned woman in a Puritan society who may be seen as an individual because she commits sins that are against society. If it were so, then she would not be pressured to keep up appearances in society and to be seen as “pure”, even though she does wrong and commits the sin of lechery. We tend to avoid the affliction of pain, and it is illogical that someone would…show more content…
In fact, over 3.2 million students are victims of bullying, these statistics don’t even begin to take into account the adults who endure bullying as well. There are those who change what they wear to impress, in some cases schools enact a dress code to avoid the harsh judgments of society. There are others who will not perform in front of their school for the fear of what others will say, to be more specific, I am one of those people. Self-conscience due to the harsh critique. Society has taught me and the rest of our civilization to be a conformed version of yourself into what society expects you to be or else you will be

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