Comparing Cinderella And Another Cinderella Story

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I would say the story Cinderella has various relations to feminism. In the Grimms brother’s version of Cinderella and Another Cinderella Story, they both have different approaches to feminism. The Grimms brother’s version does not involve as much feminism appeal as Another Cinderella Story did. They both stick to an almost identical plotline. It describes a girl that is treated cruelty by a woman and her two daughters. The girl then gets to go to a ball to find a guy to save her from the life she has. The girl always has a specific helper to make her a spectacular dress and a way to attend the ball. Both display how a girl will only get her freedom if she fights for it, and how a guy is portrayed as a savior. Contrary to the similarities, the Grimms brother’s take on feminism is incredibly weak. Cinderella never stood up for…show more content…
She was always obedient even when all she wanted to ever do was go to a ball. She was told if she could separate the lentils from the ashes then she would be able to go to the ball. After separating them twice her stepmother still refused approval for her to go. In Another Cinderella Story, Mary listened to her adopted mom and sisters but to a certain extent. Mary’s helper was her best friend, and she also contributed to Mary standing up to Dominque. She spared time for herself; she always wanted to be a dancer, so she went for it. She always had an ulterior motive to get into the Manhattan Dance Academy and be a long ways from Dominique and her sisters. She originally didn’t even plan to go to the ball, but when she arrived she met Joey and dropped her mp3 on her rush home. He wanted to find the girl that could guess the 5 most played songs. Mary built up the courage and approached Joey to tell him it was her. Although he didn’t believe her, she tried a second time. After Joey figured out it was her, she didn’t act head
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