Compare And Contrast Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet is a classic of the 16th century, written by William Shakespeare. Followed by many similar remakes of it. Most of the remakes are considered classics. Those remakes that are mostly similar to the text of Romeo and Juliet, if not all of them have clues that show they are based off of the story of Romeo and Juliet. Examples are like the Twilight Series or Titanic. But one that may be unnoticeable would have to be the Sandlot. These are all very good choices for being called a classic. The remakes may contain similarities like hate or insult in relationships, troubles that the groups go through, or even the love that is expressed through the story. “You play ball like a GIRL!” said Hamilton ‘Ham’ Porter. One of the biggest insults known to a man in the game of baseball. This insult stuns Phillips, the captain of the town’s baseball team, and his teammates. This is during an argument with ‘Ham’ and the rest of the guys from the Sandlot. This makes Phillip challenge the Sandlot to a game of ball leading the Sandlot to defeat Philip’s team. In a way this is very similar to the text of Romeo and Juliet believe it or not. When Mercutio, the prince’s…show more content…
The love of the game almost killed Benjamin ‘Benny’ Rodriguez in the retrieval of the ball signed by Babe. ‘Benny’ had no fear of the beast thanks to the Babe, who came in his dream and told him that “Heroes are remembered but legends never die”. This dream taught him that it’s the love of the game that gave him his strength to face ‘The Beast’ with a plan that was flawed in many ways. This is similar in Romeo and Juliet. To help them stay together, no matter what or how they did so. They loved each other even if it meant death for both Romeo and Juliet, and a flaw full plan that went wrong as expected in the text. This is one more final reason how remakes are similar to a classic like the text of Romeo and
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