Legalism Vs. Confucianism: A Clash Of Philosophies

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Confucianism versus Legalism: A Clash of Philosophies. When the Qin Dynasty came to control in 221 BC, it wound up decision over an area where the teachings of Confucius had been spreading for right around 300 years. Qin endeavored to rule China utilizing another philosophy, that of Legalism. How did Confucianism and Legalism contrast? What were their perspectives on different aspects of social, political, and familial issues? In the table beneath, think about and contrast some the positions of Confucianism and Legalism on the points demonstrated: Confucianism Legalism The part of the administration Government was extremely important. A ruler needed to be good all together for his subjects to be great and obey him. Government existed for the advantage of the general population, not the other way around. The individuals arrive to serve the government. The government comes before everything in a Legalist society. Connections between individuals in the public arena Individuals ought to…show more content…
They trusted that man was unequipped for overseeing himself and in this manner ought to be represented by others. This is on account of man is actually indecent, voracious, lethargic and desirous and is quite often carrying on of self-hobby. They additionally believed that individuals were quick in their reasoning and couldn't give up in the present to expect long haul picks up. Confucius trusted that an equitable society started in the heart of the person. On the off chance that the individual remains constant values, that singular's home will be genuine, and if a family is in great good standing, the group, and hence society, will be great. Confucius never expressed whether men are conceived great or malice. He did, be that as it may, declare that mankind shared certain qualities, needs and offices, to be specific the capacity to be molded through study and

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