Poem Analysis: Drunk With Fatigue By Furanti Owen

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heavier making it harder to keep them open, thus they are blindly following who is in front of them. The metaphor “Drunk with fatigue” shows how overwhelmed these soldiers are feeling. They no longer have control of what they are doing and are now on autopilot. Drunk and fatigue are not typically used in the same sentence. The word drunk is associated with lost of motor control, blurred eyesight, and lost of judgment. On the other hand, fatigue means tiredness that can be caused physically or mentally. In this case the solders are so tired that they begin showing similar qualities as if they were drunk. The last few words of the line are “deaf even to the hoots”, deaf is referring to their limited ability to hear do to the environment they are in. A hoot is typically a sound an owl makes and what the author is trying convey is that even the smallest of sounds is hard for these solders to get out. Once again this phrase is referencing zombie like qualities that were discussed in the earlier lines. Stanza three begins with an outburst of frantic behavior. The use of repetition the phrase “Gas, Gas Quick, boys!” emphasizes the chaotic description of men struggling to stay alive. The word “Gas” lets the reader know that they have been exposed to a dangerous chemical. The words “Quick boys” helps with the…show more content…
Once again the word “you” appears and calls out the reader in specific to think about the brutality and listen to the gruesome sounds of people dying around them everyday. By putting themselves in their shoes and realizing “…at every jolt, the blood”, meaning the abruptness and shock they they experience of losing people and seeing the gruesome blood shed, people would think differently. The use of imagery in “Come gargling from the fourth-corrupted lungs”, further exaggerates the point that war is not glorious. This

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