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Judaism, Christianity and Islam are similar in which all three religions believe and worship one signal god. It also seems these three religions worship the same god, the god who was worshiped and founded by Abraham, a Hebrew biblical figure. Jesus, who was Jewish, preached a message which stemmed from the Hebrew bible, also known as the Old Testament in Christian tradition. Muhammad preached a message similar to Jewish and Christian traditions, and when he cleansed the Ka'ba in Mecca, he reaffirmed the tradition that Abraham had built the monument and rededicated it to the one god. He also instructed his followers to pray facing Jerusalem, the holiest of cities for both Judaism and Christianity. Though these religions seem to worship and serve the same god, their founders are viewed…show more content…
Among these tribes were biblical figures who were chosen by god, and if they abided by God's laws, they were promised prosperity for further generations. Though the Israelites seem to have founded Judaism, practicing Jews only worship one god. They use the stories of it's founders, which are told in the Hebrew Bible, as a study of their religion and the history of it's people. Christianity was founded by Jesus, a Jewish carpenter, who gained a following by preaching a message of peace and divine salvation through brotherly love. Though he disagreed with some practices of Jewish leaders, his message stemmed from the Hebrew Bible and also proclaimed one God. Jesus only preached for three years before he was crucified, therefor his message was carried on by his disciples who wrote the Gospels of the New Testament. According to the Gospels, God raised Jesus from the dead and he then ascended into heaven. In Christianity, Jesus is regarded as the Son of God, both human and divine being, and is part of the Holy Trinity. He is also known as the messiah, who will one day return to carry out God's final judgment. The emergence of Islam began

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