Community Garden: A Short Story

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The vacant lot I used to throw my trash in, has now changed into a beautiful, amazing community garden. I go there about every day to water and pick my cucumbers. One day I came across two homeless people. Their names were Jayla and Remi. I promised them shelter if they would find out who or what is destroying my plants. I built them two little shacks made out of plywood. I put a bucket and a bed set in each of them. I made plastic windows so they could see who is killing my vegetables. While the were on the watch, I fed them some cucumbers. I knew they were nasty but thats all I had. I came down every morning to see if any of the crops grew. Usually there were not more then five ripe at one time. One night I decided to take matters in my own hands. I sat there…show more content…
“Well everyones I suppose,” Remi exclaimed cautiously “No,” Jayla said, “ we were going to pick some of you cucumbers and poor this liquid on the rest of them.” I went up to my apartment disappointed. “I tried helping some poor girls,” I said to myself. “ Why would they do this to me?” I went to sleep as soon as I hit the pillow. The next morning, I came down to the garden. But something was different today. I had at least a dozen cucumbers ripe. I asked myself, “How? How could there be so many ripe if the girls were pouring stuff on them?” I went to there shacks, they had began to admit, “When you saw us last night it wasn’t what you thought, we were pouring vegetable feed on them.” I was confused why couldn't they have told me what they were doing. I proceeded to yell out the window “Why?” I came down that afternoon. The girl screamed “surprise!” They had picked all the good cucumbers and made everything you could possibly make with them. “Thank you!” I cried, “how could I every repay you?” “You already have,” replied Remi. “ You gave us a house to live in,” stated
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