Ma Vie En Rose Belonging Analysis

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A Journey of Searching Many of us have experienced associate ourselves with certain groups and contrast ourselves with others in order to create a sense of belonging and define who we are. When we are at the disadvantage situation, we think a lot more about our identities, and it implies who we are not. Different societies have different ways to determine what is considered to be normal and abnormal and what is acceptable and unacceptable. Religion, culture, politics, and socioeconomic classes have significant influences on defining social norm within the community or the nation. In order to find a sense of belonging, the members of the community have a tendency to act according to the norms. The society has a role in shaping the individual’s belief. It created discrimination against a person who is different within the group. For instance, in the films Ma Vie En Rose (My life in Pink), and Somewhere Between, the main characters are searching for approval for being different. The films present to our audiences that social environmental factors play important roles in our childhood. The films Ma Vie En Rose is about a gender identity issue of a “girlboy” named Ludovic Fabre.…show more content…
One of adoptee groups brought Haley and Ann together with other Chinese adoptees from other parts of countries. The group encourages them unfolding their deepest thoughts for being different in their community. It made a tremendous impact on the girls, especially on Haley. It motives Haley to search for her biological family in China. The group gives them strength. Laura Wood once said, “Finding a group of people who can accept you for who you are and being able to accept yourself, to just be able to look in the mirror and say, ‘ I’m O.K. just the way I am!’- honestly, I feel that it’s a blessing” (citation PDF Saulny 2011

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