Emma's Early Developmental Milestones

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Emma Emma was born full-term and reached her early developmental milestones. Now at the age of 7, her teacher is concerned that she is not ready to advance to the 3rd grade. She is significantly behind academically, has a troublesome time focusing, remaining focused, sitting still, and controlling her emotions. At a well-child appointment her mother reported Emma’s behavioral problems, such as frequent tantrums, yelling, talking back, throwing things when angry or frustrated, and baby like behavior have increased. She is concerned that these issues are due to Emma being sexually abused at a very young age. The incident was reported immediately by Emma’s mother. Both Emma and her mother attended psychotherapy sessions while her father…show more content…
These variables can impact how an individual thinks and later influence his or her choices and relations in their day by day life (Ogborne, 2004). The following are three types of psychological factors: personality traits, psychodynamic processes, and learned cognitions and behaviors (Ogborne, 2004). By utilizing the psychodynamic process, the social worker will understand Emma’s conduct through stresses on mental strengths, structures, and capacities as they create and change after some time (Ogborne,…show more content…
As previously stated, Emma was born full-term and met all her early developmental milestones. Now at the age of 7, her teacher is concerned that she is not ready to advance to the 3rd grade while her mother is concerned about her increased behavioral problems. In order for a child to have a healthy development their social, emotional, and educational need to be met. These needs incorporate living in a protected and adoring home, investing energy with family, legitimate sustenance, and rest (CDC.gov). Children who are mentally healthy achieve his or her developmental and emotional milestones, social skills, and figure out how to adjust with their issues (CDC.gov). They have a positive personal satisfaction and do well at home, in school, and communities (CDC.gov). Children who are not mentally healthy create behavioral issues that influence the way that they learn, behave, or handle their feelings (CDC.gov). Early analysis and treatment is critical in children with mental issues since this can prompt issues at home, school, and in forming kinships (CDC.gov). This can likewise meddle with their healthy development, and these issues can proceed into adulthood (CDC.gov). Childhood mental illnesses affect children and families (CDC.gov). In light of the effect on kids, families,

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