Not Justified In Hershel Greene's The Walking Dead

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In the book The Walking Dead, Miles Behind Us, Hershel Greene is not justified in kicking Rick and his group of the farm for various different reasons. As the zombie population kept growing, it was important for them to stick together because a team is powerful in numbers. By kicking the group off the farm, Hershel threw his religious morals out the window because as Lori mentioned it is murder. He is not only leaving the group defenseless in terms of shelter, but also leaving himself defenseless because the group had an abundance of firearms that could have been useful in attacking the zombies. Hershel was also not thinking rationally because after all he was responsible for hurting Rick’s son Carl. Hershel should have kept providing Rick…show more content…
Since the passing away of his wife, he became increasingly more religious, he should have understood Rick and the group better. Although I understand that he wanted to protect his surviving children, he went against the divinity of God, which is to help others when they are in need. In particularly, that he raised his children under a religious home, he was not setting a good example to his children. It is noted how religious Hershel is when he sees his daughter engaging in sexual relations with Glenn. He immediately feels that it was morally wrong on her daughter’s part because she was going against God’s wishes. But like Hershel, I feel that it is morally wrong to turn the other cheek for people in need, especially during a zombie crisis where everyone is in trouble. After his children were bitten and he had no other choice but to shoot them in order for them not to revive as zombies, I felt that it made no sense to kick Rick and his group because either way he could not change what had happened. He also was unjust in naming them free-loaders because he was the one who invited them into his farm and gave them shelter. He agreed to help them out until Carl felt better, and went against his word. After the passing of his wife, I feel that Hershel became cold-hearted because as a religious person he should not be threatening…show more content…
Hershel chose to show Rick’s manner of dealing with zombie. He chose to capture a zombie that was nearby and because of this the other zombies in the barn began escaping which is what instigated the attack. Rick and the group were not responsible for the attack occurring in the first place. Hershel was the sole responsible for keeping zombies in his barn which is completely dangerous. The zombies could attack in any second and not to mention it is also unsanitary. He had to shoot three of his children including Shawn who had already been bitten. Hershel should have been thinking carefully of his actions before he had decided to do what he did because if he had his children would still be alive. Hershel’s fury resulted because of his daughter Maggie having sex with Glenn, but that was the decision of his daughter and no one else. It was not Rick’s and the group fault that Hershel’s daughter decided to do what she did. Hershel did have the right to protect his love ones and his life, but he crossed the line as he was responsible for what had occurred with the zombies. He should have never kept them hidden in that barn and shown Rick his method of getting rid of zombies. Hershel should have not threatened Rick to death for something he had no control over. He also had no right to insult them because it wasn’t their

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