Third Birth Day Research Paper

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I remember the third birth day of J, my daughter when her father, I and just 3 month old younger brother were living together in an apartment in U.S, and things were not going very well for J. She was showing some delay in speech and language development. Her vocabulary hardly increased more than ten words and used them very rarely. She was crying more than children of same age to satisfy her basic needs. She was using neither gestures nor head shakes. J was not shy, but would avoid friends and relatives who frequently visit home. She may go behind the curtains or some furniture in the corner of the house. She maintained no eye contact. She didn’t seem to be aware of her surroundings. On the day of the third birth day she spoiled the occasion with incessant crying, tantrums and turning away from any type of participation. Today is J’s tenth birthday. We are very happy today for we…show more content…
Till then she was gentle and quiet who always sat alone in some corner of the house adding over and over the dark violet beads selecting from a heap of beads of different colors to the string of her necklace. But on her third birthday J was quite different. J spilled over with a fit of bad temper as soon as the candles over the birthday cake were lighted. She had thrown away the necklace down with fury. Soon after the turmoil J has created before the specially invited guests, friends and relatives we have decided to take her to a pediatrician. The pediatrician had a brief interview with us and advised us to take J to a developmental pediatrician in a nearby medical school. I talked with the developmental specialist on phone and fixed an appointment for the next week. Meanwhile, J’s condition has further gone worse. She has tuned as like blind and was not seeing me at all. She was not responding to any commands. She turned mute losing her vocabulary in

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