Scion Earthquake And Tsunami

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Currently the challenges that Scion faces is the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami last year. Scion has not pulled its self-back up from this disaster and sales have fallen between 1 and 11 percent. In 2006 the sales were close to 173,000, but by 2010 had dropped by 46,000. In early 2013 sales began to rise again with a rise of about $49,000 (Buss, 2012). Scion’s car sales are dropping due to the joblessness of younger buyer and financial issues. The age group for purchase of Scion has jumped to age 34, basically moving over into Toyota’s generational sales customers. Scion’s strategy was to capture a audience that had not purchased from the Toyota brand. Mostly all of Scion customers were first time Toyota buyers. For Scion to

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