Egyptian Mythology: Order Vs Chaos

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Chaos is a word that we like to use to describe things when they are messed up. Meaning that we like to think of chaos as a period of time without order. Order is a period of time without chaos, this means that the two are proportional. Without Chaos, there would be no order and visa versa. History has many of parallels to the battle between order and chaos and like everything else, the battle is never ending. In Egyptian Mythology, the world was believed to be a sea of chaos. Nothing but the chaotic ocean and the sky. One day, a mountain erupted out of this ocean, and this was the first structure of order. In the evolutionary sense, the Earth was a toxic land in the beginning. The only things there were gases and plants that could grow in…show more content…
The ancient idea of Yin and Yang is due to order and chaos. Night and Day. Poor and rich. Cat and Dog. All of these are evidence of order and chaos. Two topics that need each other to coincided. Dictators are examples of how chaos vs. order lives on. Dictators lead their people to see the chaos of the government and try to enforce their idea of order upon the people. Adolf Hitler and his Mein Kampf enticed the Germans to believe that all of the struggles that they were facing were due to the Jewish population. The world was full of chaos as chaos wore its Star of David on its chaotic clothing according to Hitler. His push of order was to launch the mass genocide of the Jewish population, including others such as homosexuals and…show more content…
Tyler Durden was sick of how the order was so concise that if you were to mess up, then you had to live with it. He wanted to destroy the major credit card companies so people could restart. The anarchist group that formed around this plan had jobs to destroy things and show the people what is really important to their life. His form of refreshing order was chaos. This is the equivalent to the mythical Phoenix. The old Phoenix would die in a fire and from its ashes would grow a new, fresh Phoenix. Tyler’s vision was the same. The government was corrupt and faulty, with destruction and fire, a new government could grow out of it that would be better than the old. One can easily infer the order is pure in the beginning, but chaos rots it. The best way to purify it is to drown the chaotic order in more chaos so that a new, pure order may grow from it. This concept can be seen in many forms in contemporary ideals and the ancient ones. Noah’s story from the Bible is of this category. The order that was once pure, embellished in the chaos. God had decided to increase the chaos with water and save the holy. This is one reason as to why water and the ocean signify chaos. In the future, the Bible speaks of the Rapture in which God will collect his followers and let the rest the world burn. In both cases, we can see that chaos had to used to achieve

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