Similarities Between 1984 And Divergent

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A dystopian society is a place where everything in the world is unpleasant and dehumanizing. Recently, there have been many examples of dystopian societies such as The Hunger Games, Uglies and the Divergent series. However, one of the most famous dystopian novels, 1984, was written in 1949 by George Orwell. A lot of the recent dystopian novels have been influenced by Orwell’s writing however they have their own looks on it. 1984 and Divergent are similarities in the way they categorize people, however, there is a huge difference in the way they handle people that are different or go against their systems. One common theme of their categorization is that in both worlds, at age 16, children undergo an aptitude test to determine what they are…show more content…
The world of Divergent isn’t as obviously a dystopia as the world of 1984. The government in 1984, the Party, is so controlling that people aren’t allowed to make any of their own decisions or make their own thoughts. The Party wants complete power of the people, which means even their minds are a part of the government. The government in Divergent does not mind what people do unless they do not fit into a faction. Sometimes there are people who fit into more than one faction and this means that the government will be unable to control them. These people are called divergents. If they are found, then they are eradicated. 1984’s government does not kill a person outright. Instead, if a party member commits Thoughtcrime, which is thinking of going against the party, then they are taken to the Ministry of Love to be rehabilitated. This rehabilitation is mental and physical torture in order to reform the person’s brain into following the Party’s system. The Party does not allow party members to go against from the beliefs of the Party. Both governments want control over their people, but the procedures that they take to both prevent divergence and to punish it are quite

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