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The true and fair override concept in accounting is used for purpose to override compliance with reporting standards of unexpected circumstances. The act of a true and fair override concept is a significant requirement of financial reporting. In most of these cases, a true and fair override will be achieved by compliance with accounting standards. Nevertheless, where compliance with an accounting standard will result in accounts being misled that they will conflict with the objectives of financial statements, the standard has to be overridden. The company is required to present a true and fair override concept in financial statements and it is protected under the Australian law. Australian law confirmed that the major significance of true and fair override concept to the AASB and IFRS is the concept by which director have to consider whether the financial statement that they approve is…show more content…
The company should act and follow the auditing and professional standards, the auditor of the company need to assess whether the company has complied with accounting standards appropriately. The auditor dependence on logical and relevant standards for auditing and accounting as well as for managing moral challenges is significant and a certain consideration in assessing audit performance. The legal framework has made it clear and not so complicated to understand for the companies. Following the corporations Act 2001 section 29{1} states that financial report comprises the financial statements for the year. Subsection 295{3} states that the notes required by the accounting standards and any other information necessary to give a true and fair override of the act. Section 296{1} states that the financial statement of the company must comply with the accounting standards. And section 297 of the corporation Act 2001 mentioned that the financial report statements must give a true and fair override of the financial position and performance of the

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