What Are Beethoven's Major Accomplishments

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Drake Svoboda Symphonic Band Ludwig van Beethoven Beethoven was an incredibly influential German composer. His compositions have shaped the music world. During his career he composed nine symphonies, five concertos for piano, and several sonatas and string quartets. These works greatly influenced the musical world and redefined what it means to compose music. Beethoven was born on in the year 1770 in Bonn, part of the Holy Roman Empire. At an early age Beethoven started to display great musical talents. His father, Johanne, first taught him music and sought to exploit him for his musical talents. In 1779 Beethoven began studying with Christian Gottlob Neefe. It was Neefe that taught Beethoven composition and helped him compose his first composition. In 1787 Beethoven traveled to Vienna in and attempt to study under Mozart. He was forced to return only two weeks later due to his mother…show more content…
His first and second symphonies were premiered in 1800 and 1803 respectively. It was during this time that Beethoven began to establish his reputation. He was heavily influenced by Mozart and Haydn but his unique approach to melody and development and the emotion that he brought to his compositions made him stand apart. In 1802 Beethoven moved to Heiligenstadt, Austria due to his hearing loss. Beethoven began to lose his hearing in 1796. He suffered from a loud ringing in his ears and his hearing deteriorated from then on until he was almost entirely deaf. In 1824, after the premier performance of his ninth symphony, he had to be turned around in order to see the applause of the audience. Beethoven's hearing loss caused him great difficulties in both his professional and social life; this lead to depression and thoughts of suicide. Despite his hearing loss Beethoven continued to compose music and pursue his passion. He had a truly remarkable and persistent musical

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