How Did Beethoven Contribute To Music

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ABSRACT Throughout the history of music there have been hundreds of positive influences helping to shape genre after genre. In classical composition Beethoven is one of the most prevalent. His understanding of the Human Spirit is shown time and time again in his symphonies which are still beloved today. My paper will touch on his early start into music and his family. I will explore his hearing complications and why I feel they were not a burden, but a push towards becoming such a genius in his field. There's not been a composer since Beethoven who hasn't sampled from him or used some of his technique. For that reason I will also share his ongoing presence in music and why he remains one of the greatest ever. INTRODUCTION For many if asked who is the most influential and gifted musician of all time the answer would be time and time again “Beethoven.” The grace of his works and power in each and every note lingers with the ears and seemingly the soul long after it is heard. While this presence of magnificence has been, and is still to…show more content…
Moving forward he was influenced not only by his father and other composers but also by the era in which he lived. The music of the time, known today as Classical Composition, was grand and often boisterous utilizing full orchestras of brass, wind, reed, and chord instruments. The main appeal of the music of the time was to personify the glory of Heaven as the Church was very much the power over all Europe. The compositions done by each man in Beethoven’s day seemed to be a nod to the choirs of angels referenced in The Bible as often times angels were said to appear before the men and women of The Word dawning trumpets and harps. Even the paintings and sculptures of the time nodded to the celestial with depictions of angels and demons, scenes of transcendence and telling of divine

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