Hcg Diet Research Paper

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The essence of the HCG Diet is a combination of HCG injections or drops and a very low calorie diet (VLCD). The diet centers on losing and maintaining weight by reducing your food intake to 500 calories and taking daily doses of the human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) hormone. The combination allows you to reset your metabolism to make sure that weight loss is permanent. Here, the HCG Diet food list will help you to stick to your diet plan. What to eat while on the HCG Diet? The HCG Diet food list varies as you shift from one phase to another. The diet protocol is divided into four phases, with each phase taking you closer to your desired weight. You must make sure that that you follow the HCG food plan in its proper order as it is the key to attaining weight loss success. Each phase lists different types of food. For example, the HCG Diet food…show more content…
In the lifestyle plan phase, you get to add variety to your diet, while making sure that you keep your weight loss momentum. You may also want to reintroduce the sugars and the starches that you used to eat before doing the HCG Diet. However, you should do this in moderation and gradually. While going back to eat donuts, pastries, cakes, chocolate, chips, fries, and burgers may be appealing, it is better to add healthier alternatives like whole wheat cereal, pasta, and bread. The point of Phase 4 is not feeling restricted. You can still cheat on that piece of cake every now and then. This phase is more about striking a balance and not going overboard with unhealthy food. Alcohol Consumption Alcohol is a no-no in the HCG Diet food list and you should avoid consuming it as well while you are on the diet regimen. Alcohol is composed of empty calories. Moreover, since you are not eating carbs on most days, you get intoxicated quickly if you drink alcohol.

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