Teaching Vs Modern Teaching

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Review of related literature Teaching is a process that involves bringing about desirable changes in learners so as to achieve specific outcomes. In order for the method used for teaching to be effective, maintains that teachers need to be conversant with numerous teaching strategies that take recognition of the magnitude of complexity of the concepts to be covered. (Adunola&Ayeni, 2011) Teaching has the primary purpose of having a permanent change or to let students learn. . It is also known to be a task of a teacher wherein when time passes there are relationships being built between students and the teachers. Teaching is a process wherein effective teaching methods and strategies are required in order to acquire knowledge. Adunola (as cited…show more content…
Modern teaching requires students to be responsible and attentive during class, providing that professors don’t give further explanations on the lectures. Since Accounting is requires technical skills it is essential for accounting educators to respond to the progressive diversity and complexity of accounting practice. (Doney&Lephardt, 1993) Essential teaching strategies for accountants focuses on the ability of understanding and has the ability to think critically which leads to understanding and adapting concepts in favor of the variety of requirements needed in the accounting…show more content…
One characteristics of a group is a group idea or a collective idea that where gathered among the members to formulate hypothesis. According to Gerber & Popp "Collaborative teaching is an educational approach where lecturers work in a coactive and coordinated fashion to jointly teach academically" (As cited in van Oordt et. al., 2014, p.172). Exchange of thoughts in a group seems to work with the students since most of the people are always with their peer. In an open group, students can learn more in the interaction between them, they can easily ask questions concerning the topic and it might be the reason in how they can improve more of their

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