Piggy Monologue

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Standing in a small room with puddle on the ground from a small crack in the side wall opposite to the heavy metal door. I was resting my head on my hands and watched from the tiny porthole. The waves crashing on the side of the boat letting a drip of water in my room from each wave. I looked up from the dark waters to see a thick smoke trail originating from the small island, it made me start to think all over again of the frightful experience. I couldn’t bare to look at the island anymore so I retired to my bed. My mind was still running through the forest trying to escape the savage fire. I could see everything flash before his eyes, I could remember the goodbye kiss on top of my forehead from my mother in the airport with the blinding flash…show more content…
The chap was so eager to tell me his name but I had better things. He tried so hard to talk to me in the beginning he even told me his nickname that he despise and which he told me not to tell anyone, he said "They used to call me Piggy!", all i did was laugh at him and told the group to gain some reputation. Although I did what I did Piggy he was the word of knowledge he told me about the conch and how to call people. He literally saved everyone, his specs did save us but we were savage taking it from him in the manner in which we did. He would gave it to if I asked i reckon. All Piggy and I want is to be rescued but after that day when Jack let the fire out it split the group into two. Rules where the only thing we had, until Jack said "Bollocks to the rules! We're strong — we hunt!". The meaning of my leader died with that statement. I lost control of the all the children it culled the group until it was just Piggy, SamnEric and I left. I was so disparate to bring everyone together that I lost the friend who cared about me and the objective. I thought i was doing the right thing, I was fighting for Piggy's specs and survival but now very night his final words he said haunts me "Don't leave me Ralph", "Don't leave me Ralph", "Don't leave me Ralph" I wouldn't handle that boy one my hands, it was because of
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