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Question 2: Knowing that it was nearly impossible to escape from Polyphemus’ cave without him and his men being seen and possibly eaten, Odysseus decides to offer Polyphemus wine after he herds all of his sheep, which he heartily accepts. Polyphemus soon became drunk and fell into a deep slumber, and Odysseus decides to sharpen a large stick and stab Polyphemus in the eye to make him blind. The Kyklops was blind, but he could still hear, so he ran and blocked the exit to the cave. However, Odysseus and his men tied themselves to the underbellies of sheep and safely passed through. Polyphemus repeatedly asked for the help of the other Kyklopes, but it was to no avail since Odysseus told him that his name was “Nohbody”. When Polyphemus cried for help from his comrades, he said things like, "Help! Nohbody hurt me!" Having heard that “nobody” hurt Polyphemus, the other Kyklopes…show more content…
Even though Odysseus decides to sleep with Kirke, he is still faithful to Penelope because though he slept with Kirke, he still loved his wife whole-heartedly and longed to be by her side again once he returned home. I don’t believe that Odysseus committed adultery, since he also only had the intention of freeing his men, which disproves the idea that his motives were driven by lust. Odysseus had to be with Kirke in order to survive and save his people. However, in another light, Odysseus is still cheating since the act alone is unfaithful regardless of intention. For someone who really wishes to go home and be reunited with his or her family, he or she would do everything to surmount whatever obstacles he or she encounters. Being with Kirke while Penelope waits for him loyally shows that Odysseus is still, in a sense,

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