Indian Film History

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1.1 HISTORY OF FILMS Films began in the world in 1890’s when the first motion picture cameras were invented. In the starting the films were a minute long but later it became several minutes long consisting of several shots. The first film studios were built in 1897. The first use of animation in movies was in 1899. Actors began to receive screen credits for their roles by 1910. By 1910 American films had the largest share of the market. New film techniques were introduced such as use of artificial lighting etc. As films grew longer, specialists for every field were employed in order to make complex stories in a simplified manner. The first successful permanent theatre showing only films was ‘ The Nicklodeon’. The first Indian film released…show more content…
Indian cinema started emerging from 1930s and films in different languages were made. In 1932 Motion picture society of India was also established. “ Indra Sabha” was a film at that time which holds the record of more than 70 songs. In 1935 the release of DEVDAS created India’s first superstar K.L. Saigal who influenced the film culture for the next decade. In 1933-38 many of the silent films companies go out of business because of the introduction of the new ‘talkies’. The films made that time try to keep songs in them because the liking of the people for songs increased and these songs created a different mood for the people. To maintain a place in the market the companies or business houses related to cinema had to put few music in the movie to make it more attractive to watch. Music was new that time so people were more interested in that. In earlier times the actor and the singer were the same person but from the next decade the actor and the singer were two different persons , the singer who is called a playback singer. There were notable playback singers in that era which includes Lata Mageshkar, Mohammad Rafi, Madan Mohan, Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhosle and S.D Burman etc. The songs sung by these renowned singers created a benchmark for the new…show more content…
The lyrics of the songs potray the worst side. Nowadays it can be seen that a bollywood movie is not completed without the item song. It is because these types of songs create popularity and increase TRP. If we see the Punjabi music albums songs sung by the Rapstars nowadays it showcase the true picture of the present scenario. The famous Punjabi Rapper and singer Yo yo Honey Singh is a big name in this. The songs by him like Dope shope, 4 bottle vodka, breakup party, feem etc try to make youth feel that Drug is the only solution to all the problems of the life. Using drugs make them macho cool and increase their social

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