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The Stonewall Riots What topic did I pick, and why did I choose to research it? The topic I chose to research about is The Stonewall Riots. I picked this topic because I wanted to write and research about something with meaning behind it. I wanted to write about something that matters to the world and something that I strongly believe in. I wanted to write about something that affected us as a society. I believe gays have the right to be equal and how they are no different from you and me. What did I already know about my topic? I already knew that The Stonewall Riots took place in 1969. The riots happened in New York’s Greenwich Village. The riots brought more attention to gay rights and equality. When this event took place in history…show more content…
They started when undercover policemen and some suited policemen raided a gay bar and forced everyone on the street. The people in the bar didn’t agree with what the police were doing and started to fight back. The bar was located in New York’s Greenwich village at the Stonewall Inn. The crowd started to chant “gay power” at the police during the riot. Rioters threw coins at the officers and then bottles, rocks, and other items. The police would disperse the jeering mob only to have it re-form behind them with yelling, taunts, tossing bottles/bricks, and setting fires in trash cans. Craig Rodwell (gay rights activist) said, “A number of incidents were happening simultaneously. There was on one thing that happened or one person, there was just...a flash of group of mass anger.” Police beat the crowd away. The crowd returned the next night with many more angry people( reaching over 1000 more.) The riot lasted for days. Dick Leitsch reported the riots as “ The hairpin drop heard around the world.” The New York Times described the crowd as “hostile.” After the riots had taken place LGBT movement started for the civil rights in the United States of America. An action committee was formed on how to react to the riots. Small groups started establishing a new organization called the Gay Liberation Front. The Gay Liberation was also built in Canada, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Australia, and New Zealand. A newspaper was established

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