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In the United States, a city council is the legislative body that governs a city or town. The member of councils are called councilmember or councilman. In cities like Las Vegas, mayor of the city serves as chairman with voting privileges. In addition, in the other cities, the mayor is the chief executive with veto power over city council legislation. The city of Las Vegas was established on May 15, 1905 and incorporated on March 16, 1911 and it was operating under a commission form of government. After a vote by the people of Las Vegas, the city of Las Vegas has operated under what is known as council form of government, since January 1, 1944. The city council, along with mayor, is the governing body of the city which practices legislative…show more content…
The city pays about four million dollars to The Animal Foundation for sheltering services, annually. The City of Las Vegas currently leases property at Mojave Road and Harris Avenue to The Animal Foundation for the purpose of providing animal shelter services in accordance with city`s animal control ordinance, as well as provide other pet adoption, education, and veterinary services. At a recent meeting of the Clark County Commission, Animal Foundation Executive Director Christine Robinson presented the possible amendment to the current contract. During the presentation the Animal Foundation asked for nearly seven million dollars to make repairs to their nonprofit building. Moreover, Councilman Stavros S. Anthony asked about the number of animals which get euthanized at Animal foundation and what is going to happen if they became a no kill shelter. According to the Director of Operation, Carly Scholten, right now, due to numbers of animals and danger of diseases being spread, it is impossible to keep the Animal Foundation a no kill organization. Nonetheless, the rescue groups in the Valley, like No Kill Las Vegas, argued that The Animal Shelter shouldn't be asking taxpayers for any additional funding, in part because in 2013 nearly 20,000 cats and dogs were euthanized at its facility (Questions Persist as The Animal Foundation Asks for More…show more content…
They have argued that the Animal Foundation has been euthanizing more animals than any other states. Furthermore, No Kill Las Vegas asked commissioners to only approve a one-year extension of the contract with the foundation. Bryce Henderson, president of No Kill Las Vegas, said that would have given the group enough time for fundraising and building a shelter to take over the county’s animal in July 2016. No Kill Las Vegas has a goal of eventually get at least 90 percent of the shelter’s animals leaving it alive. Testimony from the public was tearful and passionate at the City Council meeting, with many said they want a shelter that euthanizes fewer animals. But animal shelter officials announced that the trends are improving toward less euthanasia (County OKs 5-year Shelter Contract with Animal

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